Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ceasar and the rope

My foster cat Ceasar has finally turned into the kitten he really is. He plays with the mice toys and hides them under the sofa. I found at least 7 of them this morning and was Ceasar happy. He batted them around, threw them in the air and carried them around in his mouth. He plays with the black cloth rope, a former belt to one of my slacks, every day. Watch him on the video. You may have to let the video run its course and then replay to see it without interruptions. And you can use "zoom in" to enlarge the video.


teresa.rojas43 said...

Hi Ms. Peggy. my name is Teresa. i would like to thank you for taking care of Ceasar. i miss him so much and happy reading updates about him. God Bless

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