Monday, February 15, 2010

Poshpaws Kennel & Cattery, Dubai (Click photo to enlarge).

Poshpaws Kennel & Cattery is an Animal Sancutary and Petting Farm, located on a desert farm between Sharjah and Ajman, about 20 minutes from AUS campus. Laura Glamfield lives on the premises as do 12 employees who take care of the animals that are boarded there, or just living on the farm. These are cats and dogs, birds, goats, turtles, chickens, cows, rabbits, even a baby ape. What's so unusual about Poshpaws is the design of the animal facilities that you see in the photos. Cats have both an indoor and an outdoor area and can move easily from one to another. It's a brilliant design. Fresh winds blow through. Trees shade the cattery. Cats and dogs rooms are air conditioned. Dogs have large runs and even small swimming pools. Whoever designed this had the animals at heart. It costs $15 a night for boarding cats and a little more for dogs.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peggy in Laramie backyard 7 Jan 2010

It was -26 F or about -34 C last night in Laramie where I'm on winter break. This photo was taken in my backyard which is full of snow. The record breaking cold spell started in the first week in October. I've been here 7 days and managed to slip in between blizzards. This is the coldest fall-early winter in Laramie in 75 years. Brrrrr!