Friday, July 24, 2009

Jameela in tree, Laramie backyard, July 2009

Our newest cat Jameela from Sharjah, UAE, arrived with Phil and me in Laramie on June 7, 2009 after a long flight on Lufthansa from Sharjah to Denver, through Frankfurt. Jameela took the trip well, even the 7-hour flight to Frankfurt, the 5 1/2-hour layover in Frankfurt, and the 9 1/2-hour flight to Denver. She was with us the entire time in the cabin and in the airports. Jameela is seen here in our backyard already climbing our trees. This one is a very tall Blue Spruce. She has climbed up to about 7 feet high on it so far. At first Jameela tried to jump the tall 6' fence that encloses our backyard. But after being sent inside repeatedly, she now knows her boundaries and stays in the yard without supervision. Some of her buddies are usually with her in the yard. They are Egyptian Doqqi, Wyoming Bambi, Moose and Sweetie. Dubai Myty-Myte and Jameela get along well, and Egyptian Zamalek is getting used to her now and likes her as well. She has been welcomed in our cat family by all our cats, and she loves to play, though only the Wyoming cats understand what her leaping and jumping means.

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