Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jute bags: Gulf News' gift to its readers.

Sharjah, UAE. 29 Sept 2008
Dubai's prime daily newspaper
Gulf News is distributing jute bags to its 200,000 subscribers for free. I received the two jute bags because obviously I'm a subscriber. Supporting its environmentally "Go Green" campaign, Gulf News is encouraging less use of plastic and supporting eco-friendly alternatives. These specially designed jute bags are multi-colored, differing from the usual single-colored jute bags. They were designed in Dubai and manufactured in India. It took three months to make them. According to Gulf News, jute is concentrated in Bangladesh and India where the soil is fertile and alluvial. Jute needs rain, too, and very little fertilizer. Gulf News reports that jute is 100 percet biodegradable. I wonder why U.S. newspaper don't do something similar, like inserting an item in their papers in an effort to promote environmental and needed social causes. These jute bag inserts definitely raise our collective environmental consciousness. It was a real treat to see the bags laying there outside my door with my Monday morning newspaper.


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