Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yenipazar, Turkey, 1968

Yenipazar teachers (right to left):
Ali Ozer, Turgut Karakaya,
Mehmet, Turgut's father; on
top of the hill in Yenipazar, 1968
Peggy's last day in Yenipazar
as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer,
with her teacher friends in the
Teachers Locale in downtown
Yenipazar, July 1968.

Yenipazar Elementary School
teachers, 1968

Yenipazar Middle School
secretary riding a prize
motorcycle, 1968.

Peggy's neighbors in Yenipazar
drying seeds and nuts after
the harvest season, 1968.

Peggy's landlady Kadriye washing
clothes by hand in 1968. That's
how it was done then, 1968.

The blacksmith in his shop
in downtown Yenipazar, 1968.

Tea being served in a typical
tea cafe in Yenipazar in 1968.

A tailor on the streets of
Yenipazar, 1968.

Camels carrying bags of straw,
gathered from the fields near
Yenipazar, 1968.

Cotton farmers weighing their
bags. Cotton was a main
Yenipazar crop, along with
wheat, 1986.

A camel owner with his camels
in the field, taking a break
from gathering straw, 1968.


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Baha said...

Hi Peggy, they are brilliant photos from the past. I am from yenipazar and delighted to see them. I do not remember you but my brother was your student when you teach in Yenipazar Middle School. The teachers Ali Ozer, Behzat Kolcu and Turgut karakaya were my teachers when I was in Middle School. Thank you very much putting your Yenipazar photos on your blog. Yenipazar is now a slowcity if you interested you could visit their web site to see the changes. If you would like to visit Yenipazar I am sure most people you know will be delighted to see you.. Best wishes.. Bahattin